The ‘digital world’. What does it mean?

digitalMost of us have heard the expression “we live in a digital world”, but what does it actually mean to be living in a digital world? We only need to look at our daily lives or those of our friends, family and colleagues. Many people now socialise more via digital technologies that in person with the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our professional lives too come with an abundance of technology from simple email, smart phone, iPad, Skype or power point presentation to more advanced multi-media technologies.

New technological advances are developed almost daily but how much of this is essential to our daily or professional lives? Is the overuse of social media actually making us un-sociable and are all the available technologies creating a world of stressed out employees that are contactable 24/7?

tabRead more at Living in a digital world: Blessing or curse?

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This has made me address my own personal digital world. Am I allowing digital technology to happen around me without being an active participant? I feel somewhere between Howell’s (2012, p. 6) definition of a digital native and a digital immigrant. I use digital technologies in my day to day life such as a smart phone, email, ipad and laptop however I am aware that the world offers many advanced technologies that I am yet to discover. I have two young children who will grow up in this digital world therefore I view it as irresponsible parenting to be ignorant or ill-informed on the technologies they will be using.

This is an interesting read which gives tips on how to assist digital natives navigate the social dilemmas of Living in a digital world

I consider the role of learning new technology essential for my future teaching career and agree with Howell (2012, p. 5) that all teaches need a digital pedagogy. Teaching using digital technologies is now viewed as essential as Howell (2012, p. 5) explains students and their parents expect to learn and be taught using digital technologies. As I learn more about the technologies available in the digital world for teaching I view it to be detrimental to the students learning to not use carefully selected technologies that achieve specific learning outcomes.

Here are a couple of videos I found interesting on digital citizenship which gives guidance to students’ and teachers’ who have interaction with the digital world.

Whilst I am aware that I live in a digital era, I am also increasingly aware that my digital capabilities require some much needed updating and rather than feeling daunted I will enter this big wide world of technology with my eyes wide open and a willingness to learn.


Howell, J. (2012) Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity.  Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press. (n.d.). Quote on iPad [image]. Retrieved from (2014). Social media [image]. Retrieved from

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